Café 1511 is also owned and run by the Chan family. The original usage of this house was rumoured within the family to be the servants quarters. However records from the last will of Chan Cheng Siew show that the house was rented out to an extended family member in 1919. Family members also remember the house being used as a storage facility for rubber after World War II. Today Cafe 1511 is both a cafe and bed & breakfast for budget travellers passing through Malacca town.

Operating Hours : Mondays to Sundays, 9am – 4pm (Close on Tuesdays)


For an authentic Peranakan experience in Melaka either before or after your visit at the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum, munch on scrumptious Nyonya meals that are ideal for couples, student groups and even families. Set meals should be pre-booked a week in advance via email at or via phone call at 06-2821273.

Book your meal now to get a special promotional price on the museum’s entrance ticket!

Click HERE for their mouthwatering menu.
Cafe 1511